Great high-quality ingredients, and full transparency, are a primary focus when we make our I Love You Naturally products! That’s why they’re naturally potent. They strengthen the cells by working with the natural reparative abilities of the skin. With all holistic healing herbs, and nourishing oils, the skin gets a protective barrier to heal hot spots and other inflammation. Natural remedy balms, like those in our Wickedly Potent! line, are the way to go with all dog skin care needs! The Hot Spot and Fungal balm works on the head, paws, between toes, and on any kind of rash on legs or elbows. Our balm is an all-needs ointment like no other on the market! This infusion can be massaged into any hot spot and will soothe the area immediately. It can be used many times a day and will last! We also have patented design bandages, such as PawFlex Joint bandages or Medimitts, that offer an extra layer of protection for pups in need. Our bandages are also long-lasting and reusable!