Brushing teeth is essential for humans. And domesticated animals are no different. Wickedly Potent Vegan Coconut is pure, natural, and for pets needing anti-plaque and soothing oral care.

Made with only 7 ingredients, Vegan Coconut toothpaste is a powerful mouth cleanser and is completely safe to swallow. That’s because the ingredient list is simple and holistic.

Clove and Plantain extract soothes irritation, that dogs can regularly experience in their gums. These herbs are beneficial for their regenerative properties and are naturally antibacterial and help make Vegan Coconut Wickedly Potent!

With luxurious coconut and sunflower oil, this toothpaste pulls out bad breath and gingivitis causing bacteria. Mildly abrasive chia seed ground, baking soda, and bentonite clay go to work to removes buildup and cleans.

It’s as easy as administering and washing with a rag or pet toothbrush. Vegan Coconut will have your pup smiling earflap to earflap.