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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Healing Skin Shampoo, Achy Joints Shampoo, Good Nights Sleep Ear Wash, and Hotspot and Fungal Balm.
Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that is native to areas in and around Africa and the Arabian Peninsula but has become naturalized globally due to its popularity and medicinal properties. As a succulent, Aloe is easy to grow and beautiful inside and out. Over 500 individual species have been discovered, however, only a handful have been used historically like the Aloe Vera.
Aloe Vera’s use in medicine and tradition has been antiquated for its effectiveness on the skin. Aloe Vera use has been well known to inhabitants of its native grounds even before written history, as it can be used to protect from and aid sunburns and other skin maladies.
The pulp of the Aloe Vera plant has been used for digestive aid as well. Leaves harvested from the plant contain a yellow resin inside around its pulp, known as aloin. This agent has been exploited in over-the-counter laxative products. In 2002, it was banned in concentration by the FDA. Aloe Vera juice, however, does not contain much aloin in the final product.
Aloe Vera leaves, pulp and juice, are safe for consumption and can be boiled and processed in other forms — if one can get beyond the spiky leaves.
Additional benefits from the use of Aloe Vera is remedying rashes, healing irritations, minor burns, fun DIY remedies for at-home care, and can boost immunity. Aloe Vera can also reduce inflammation, internally and externally with better circulation.