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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™  Nose and Paws Salve.
Borage Oil is one of these best-kept secret medicinal oils that are completely natural and rich. Borage essential oil is full of vitamins and other nutrients that help with the body’s natural healing process.
The Borage plant is applied to many ailments, and it has been used throughout antiquity for its versatile medicinal properties.
Rich oils, like what we get from the Borage herb, are perfect for maintaining skin’s natural balance. Borage is special whereas it revitalizes and nourishes cells, leaving skin not only feeling great but performing at its best. This is how its beneficial properties help the body without disrupting it.
Skin can be very fickle and sensitive, even to the elements or weather, and especially to what is used on it. That’s why we don’t believe using synthetics when it can or must be avoided.
The Borage herb happens to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which comes with a stream of helpful medicinal benefits and symptom relief.
Borage Oil has been used (and studied) to promote organ functioning, like the heart and kidneys, and aiding general health. Relieving inflammation as well as breaking down plaque buildup that causes cardiovascular disease.
It’s anti-inflammatory properties also help joints and muscle tension that may occur from inflammation and autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis.