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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Healing Skin Shampoo!, Good Nights Sleep Ear Wash!, First Aid Salve!, Itchy Paws And Skin Salve, Hotspot And Fungal Balm, and the Nose And Paws Salve.

We believe in using organic Calendula flowers in our natural infusions for its clean anti-inflammatory agents and other beneficial properties.
The Calendula herb is essential to any holistic salve or medicated shampoo that is used for the care of skin. For pet and human alike, Calendula oils can help a number of skin issues.
Calendula is great for holistic pet salves because it brings relief to pets with troubled skin that is painful or uncomfortable, inflamed or damaged. It really helps.
It’s been used in many traditions and healings, Calendula herb promotes rapid skin renewal and naturally produces antifungal and antiseptic agents—a protective from pesky microbial life.
The calendula herb is not only healing and soothing, it is also a very moisturizing herb. Allowing skin to stay hydrated longer, Calendula can be useful for excessively cracking or flaking skin.
To pick a flower, Calendula is a beautiful plant with wonderful healing properties coming straight from the Earth.