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To Brush or Not to Brush?


Brushing teeth is essential for humans. And domesticated animals are no different. Wickedly Potent Vegan Coconut is pure, natural, and for pets needing anti-plaque and soothing oral care. Made with only 7 ingredients, Vegan Coconut toothpaste is a powerful mouth cleanser and is completely safe to swallow. That’s because the ingredient list is simple and

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The Truth about HotSpots


The most alarming thing about hotspots is how rapidly they get worse. Not only are they irritating and painful, but the medications that are most often used to treat them cause more problems, and issues for concern, than benefit and resolution! Dogs tend to lick uncovered wounds, so they often make their hot spot worse and lick

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Importance of Ingredients


Great high-quality ingredients, and full transparency, are a primary focus when we make our I Love You Naturally products! That’s why they’re naturally potent. They strengthen the cells by working with the natural reparative abilities of the skin. With all holistic healing herbs, and nourishing oils, the skin gets a protective barrier to heal hot spots and

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