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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™  Calming Shampoo!, Nose And Paws Salve, and Itchy Paws And Skin Salve.
Chamomile is one of the most calming herbs from the flower rainbow, along with other flowering herbs like lavender and mints. Chamomile is often brewed in a tea to aid sleeplessness and insomniacs as it relieves stress.

This herb is still highly relied on even today as it was throughout antiquity. The calming essence of the Chamomile flower helps relieve the mind of tension and stress, as well as in the body where there is tension being held.
This holistic flower reduces muscle spasm as a natural antispasmodic; calming nerves, joints, and muscle tension, Chamomile soothes body and mind. Along with symptom relief, it can boost immunity and fight harmful bacteria.
It promotes healthy immune system function and increases circulation. Chamomile can be soothing to the skin and even aid digestive problems. In fact, Chamomile acts as a digestive relaxant, which helps with various gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and indigestion.
Chamomile is amazing for the body, inside and out, because it is naturally potent with antioxidants. Antioxidants help by binding to (bad) free radicals, our bodies produce these naturally but as we age production slows and this supplementation is completely natural.