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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™  First Aid Salve!, and the Itchy Paws And Skin Salve.
Chickweed is common enough to be found in your fresh salad; The tasty herb is super-rich in nutrients and minerals, and, like all greens, dense in precious plant protein.

However, Chickweed has long been used in traditional medicine because it is full of beneficial medicinal properties. Chickweed can be used to treat various ailments from ulcers to obesity, to skin-related autoimmune disorders, like eczema, and promote general wellness.
As a natural anti-inflammatory agent, Chickweed can be eaten and taken internally or used externally, in a balm or organic cream. This process can aid skin by soothing discomfort associated with itchy skin. Chickweed is known as a quick-acting natural anti-itch agent that is effective on rashes and dry skin.
The anti-inflammatory agents effectively relieve joints and muscles conditions and improve circulation, which is increasingly helpful to the body in aiding wound care, burns, arthritis, and soreness.