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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™  Vegan Coconut+ Toothpaste!, Smelly Dog Shampoo!, Healing Skin Shampoo!, Fleas Ticks Shampoo!, Achy Joints Shampoo!, and Puppy Love Shampoo!, The Everything Shampoo!, Calming Shampoo!, Mouth And Teeth Spray!, Vegan Hemp+ Toothpaste!, Toothpaste! (the Original), Nose And Paws Salve, First Aid Salve!, Hotspot And Fungal Balm, and the Itchy Paws And Skin Salve.

Coconut Oil is a natural and highly potent antibacterial plant fat that is solid at room temperature, but it can also become “structured” (remain liquid) by being fractionated.
This highly valued oil is luxurious and rich on the skin and provides a nourishing barrier that protects skin and hair. It can also be effective against skin issues deriving from inflammation, or bacterial and fungal infection. Coconut Oil is naturally antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and can speed up the healing process.
Coconut Oil is not only velvety warmness, it is also soothing and grants stress relief and boosts energy level. It can be ingested to promote heart health and general wellness.