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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™  Healing Skin Shampoo!.
Dragon Blood, or as it is called in Latin American herbal medicine Sangre de Drago, is a dark red (hence the name) sap extracted from the Dragon Blood trees. Found throughout many places in the world, the Dragon tree is originally native to Africa and around, but species have been found in South Asia and Central America.
Longstanding tradition has Dragon Blood use listed to alleviate just about any skin condition, related to infection or inflammation. That is because the properties of this natural supplement are anti-inflammatory and highly antioxidant (notice the deep red color). With natural products, a deep red color screams, medicinal and antioxidant-rich nature.
Assisting wound-healing and inflammation aid, Dragon Blood also helps with diarrhea, fever, and even ulcers. Digestive health is a huge concern for those living with gastrointestinal discomfort, inflammation, and stress, and Dragon Blood has been studied to be effective in its treatment.
Dragon Blood has long been used to treat cuts, bites, rashes, and more on the skin (because it works time and time again). It relieves symptoms and is absorbed naturally by bodies easier than synthetic dupes because of organic biochemistry.  It’s natural, potent, and super moisturizing and revitalizing to the skin and body.