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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™  Good Nights Sleep Ear Wash.
Echinacea is one of those herbs that we gotta wonder: why aren’t they grown in every park and garden for the public? Flu and cold season seem to always take people by surprise yet Echinacea can help to remedy many of the symptoms of the common cold.
Historically, and in our present day, Echinacea use includes fighting bacterial infection and other microbial life. Using Echinacea may cut off many ailments before they can get out of hand and require medical attention. With the over-prescription of antibiotics in people and animals, viruses are on their way to becoming more resistant.
Echinacea is a beautiful flowering herb and contributes to upper respiratory health in many forms from a tea to DYI oral sprays for its antiseptic nature. Echinacea helps with many common needs because it works into the source of the problem by supporting immune functions.
Boosting immune systems with Echinacea allows better prevention and treatment of autoimmune disease, from such conditions as arthritis to eczema that can affect all over the body. That is why Echinacea is used for many conditions and to alleviate discomfort.
When applied, Echinacea works to support the body and its own process to fight off infection. The herb also boosts energy and promotes general wellness.