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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Smelly Dog Shampoo!Puppy Love Shampoo!The Everything Shampoo!Healing Skin Shampoo!, Fleas And Ticks Shampoo!, Achy Joints Shampoo!, and the Calming Shampoo!
Pure Olive Oil is our standard and means premium herbal quality becoming indispensable to our craft. Only a handful of industries around the world still practice making 100% pure virgin olive oil like the one we source our needs from.
Olive leaf extract and olive oil are powerful nutrient-dense agents that nourish skin and are packed with healthy essential fatty acids. This keeps skin healthy, protected, and fresh, rejuvenating and revitalizing damaged skin.
The bountiful Mediterranean Sea saw that the olive tree would favor many different cultures through generations. Its savory fruit, the herbal potential in its leaves and essence, the olive tree branch would naturally come to symbolize peace and unity.
The nutrients packed inside olives and its leaves can be quickly (and easily) eaten up and absorbed by your pet’s skin. Olive oil also helps carry other fat-soluble nutrients from other herbs for fast release and relief to the system.
Externally, organic olive oil and leaf extract can be used for many skin remedies: The oil can be used as an everyday moisturizer; a holistic and chemical-free way to help fix dry and cracked skin with its hydrating properties; and, a vital ingredient for creamy holistic pet formulation to repair and soothe any skin that needs healing.