Good Nights Sleep Ear Wash!



Safe Holistic Organic Ingredients
Contents 2 oz
[All Human Grade] Apple Cider Vinegar* Infused With Clove*, Echinacea*, Calendula*, Neem Leaf*, Aloe Leaf*, Yarrow Flowers*, Peroxide.
*: Indicates Plant-Based extract 
✔ This product is Vegan

Additional Content Information:
Apple Cider Vinegar balances pH of the ear and creates an inhabitable environment for candida and other yeast infections as a natural antifungal. Also, effective against ear mites.
Clove, Calendula, Aloe leaf, Yarrow flowers
herbs that fight fungus without damaging the skin; instead these herbs help skin with anti-itch and anti-inflammatory effect and are very nourishing. Leaving ears soothed while speeding healing and promoting wellness, naturally.
Echinacea and Neem leaf 
are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and help fight infection and is used to combat mites.
Peroxide is naturally occurring if you didn’t know. It can be found in rain or snow, in low levels, and is used as a topical disinfectant.


No fillers, no synthetics — Good Nights Sleep Ear Wash is an ALL NATURAL aid made in small batches for the perfect brew with all Wickedly Potent! care products.
Our Good Nights Sleep Ear Wash is naturally ANTIFUNGAL and ANTI-ITCH because of the amazing ingredients that go into each pot. Potent holistic ear drops for pets that are full of ingredients traditionally used to fight fungal infection and parasitical microbial life.
Each organic ingredient in our Wickedly Potent Teeth and Mouth Spray has been specially selected for their traditional cultivation of use or uses. Full of naturally antiseptic and calming herbs that will soothe your pet and leave ears healthy and with a return in pH balance. This also allows our product to encourage the natural agents in the body to better combat those outside threats.
Our herbs are all organic or wildcrafted. No artificial chemicals are put into our products, so no artificial chemicals are used to raise them.
BounceBack Botanicals and Wickedly Potent!™ are cruelty-free and contribute to NO animal testing. Our products were tested on us to see if they are good enough for them.
We only use ingredients with historical and traditional use as holistic remedies. Most of our products are completely plant-based, with the exception of products including any honey or beeswax.
That being said, we list all our ingredients, to be completely transparent, even though, it is not required by law for OTC herbal products especially for pet products. It’s not right, but we seek to change things with our Wickedly Potent products.

We have a commitment to our pets, animals, and our customers to be transparent, informational, and a beacon for pet parents looking for quality natural products for their pets.

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