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Shea Butter is a luxurious oil extracted from the Shea Nut that grows on the Shea Tree, or Vitellaria, which is a spectacular plant indigenous to Africa.
In Africa, the Shea Tree has many names to reflect the beautiful diversity of African languages and cultures. English speakers get the word Shea from the Bambara words Shíyiri and Shísu, while French speakers use Karité from the Wolof language’s Ghariti.

This natural butter can be produced in two ways for greater versatility: Shea Butter is extracted and at room temperature, it is solid, like coconut oil; however, Shea Olein, is extracted, then fractionated, to remain liquid at room temperature. This is also a process known as structuring.
Shea Butter is full of vital resources that are soaked in by the body. This healthy fat is naturally rich in nutrients, like vitamin A, E, F, and fatty omegas. Plant-based fats are not at all like animal-based fat, as they are cleaner and richer giving Shea Butter a clear head over other moisturizers.
Shea Butter helps moisturize skin, hair, and brings protection from the sun, wind, and cold. Shea Oil is a superfood for the skin, not only nourishing but also create a protective barrier to nurture in peace within.
It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin swelling and promotes normal, healthy functions in the skin. When using natural products, it’s important to note the syngeneic properties not received by synthetics.
Holistic remedies work with the body and immune system to help it repair itself without feeling like a foreign entity. Natural Shea Butter remains potent and gentle, and it never causes harsh chemical burns or strong adverse reactions.