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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Mouth And Teeth Spray!
Spearmint is an herb many associates with freshness. It is packed with vitamins, vital nutrients, and powerful antioxidant. Spearmint is also full of aromatic terpenes, like Peppermint, it helps cool and warm which is powerfully soothing.
Many people are aware of the calming, stress-relieving properties that mints are known for. Menthol is an organic chemical found in the plant that research has linked to relaxation and sedation.
Spearmint tea can help balance stress hormones in the body, gently and effectively. This could be induced by the circulation increase granted by Spearmint, which boosts energy levels and even helps with healing wounds.
This is because elements in this medicinal herbs work better with bodies and promote the bodies’ natural healing abilities that we all have as an organic, instead of synthetic, substance.
Its high antibacterial potential helps with infection and is a no-brainer as to why many toothpastes commonly use the mint as its standout ingredient—even if it is synthetic and over-concentrated.
Spearmint is a good natural antiseptic and antimicrobial that can protect the mouth, throat, and more from infection. Its use can prevent gum disease.
Spearmint works to soothe skin and gums naturally with its anti-inflammatory properties which helps. This also helps with respiratory health.