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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Healing Skin Shampoo!, Calming Shampoo!, and Hotspot And Fungal Balm.
St. John’s Wort is a lovely medicinal herb that has natural antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties with many applications.
This flowering plant helps with relaxation and interacts with the body very gently to promote general health and wellbeing.
Inflammation can be a cause, as well as a sign, for many internal and external problems. Suffering from autoimmune diseases, like arthritis and eczema can lead to daily inflammation, and subsequential discomfort or pain.
St. John’s Wort can be an extremely helpful, natural aid. Immune functions are assisted and inflammation is reduced and relieved with St. John’s Wort—without the use of synthetics.
Special, holistic agents in St. John’s Wort, such as its high antioxidant and bioflavonoid content, they contribute to the balance, repair, and slowing of damage to the body.
Among the skin nourishing and internal bodily effects of St. John’s Wort, it also helps with anxiety, stress, and works to calm both body and mind. It has a calming effect that promotes circulation and balance.