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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Vegan Coconut + ToothPaste!
Sunflower Oil is extracted from the seeds that grow on the flower they are named after and are a delicious snack for many breeds of animals, namely humans and birds.

The oil we get from sunflowers is high in omega fatty acids and other nutrients our bodies love. Whether soaked in by the largest organ, the skin, or taken internally by mouth, Sunflower Oil can improve immune functions and protect the body.
On the skin and gums, Sunflower Oil creates a natural barrier that protects against external elements and draws out infection. It is also known to reduce inflammation and is used for its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe oral health and promote healing.
Sunflower Oil promotes healing by working together with the natural healing powers in the body, boosting circulation and skin care.