We have the Top Picks from our Wickedly Potent! Topicals for your precious pets and their distinct needs.
Check out these NATURALLY-MEDICATED rubs, specially formulated to tackle problems and promote gentle healing without harmful chemicals.


First Aid Salve … $17.95

Nose & Paws Salve … $15.95

Itchy Paws & Skin Salve … &16.95

Hotspot & Fungal Balm … $15.95


Wickedly Potent! topicals are more than potent and holistic pet remedies, all our products are easy to use and, as always, safe. We use the purest ingredients so there’s just the right amount herbal goodness in every portion. Each issue a pet can have is unique to that problem and that animal. Wickedly Potent! is made with each pet’s need in mind.

Good Night Sleep Ear Wash … $13.95

If you have any questions or thoughts on our Topicals, please let us know. We are happy to respond! Let us know about your furry friend, as well!