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This ingredient is found in the Wickedly Potent!™ Achy Joints Shampoo!
Wintergreen has its first use by indigenous people of the North American region as a natural pain-reliever.
It can be poisonous when swallowed in large quantities but in control amounts, it can be beneficial for many issues of the skin and body.

Wintergreen is used in many remedies and cleaners that can be around the house for its known applications. It is commonly used for targeting many skin problems from inflammation, fungal infection, and poor circulation.
Internally, Wintergreens is a very powerful anti-inflammatory herb and soothes joint and muscles pain, fighting arthritis and relieving spasms. Wintergreen gives off a warming sensation as it improves the circulation and blood-oxygen flow in the skin. It is also spectacular at eliminating odor which is why it is used in cleaners.